August 5, 2014

Thoughts about a strong mayor for Worcester MA

Thoughts about a strong mayor for Worcester. 

Has you read the WRRB report? Here is the link,

Who would be the likely candidate, Joe Petty?

A lifelong bureaucrat, the question is, would he be willing to risk his livelihood and retirement package for 2 years of real work? Who else in Worcester would be a likely candidate, someone from the Worcester city council who has the stuff to be a city manager? Not one person at city hall has the stuff to be a strong mayor, least of all a current or past city councilor.

Then a external candidate? Tim Murray maybe, the former MA lt. gov who abandoned that job because of alleged illicit campaign raising activity. Do you want that type of person running your city?  

So, looks like Petty would be a logical choice. What exactly has Petty achieved in his 10 years on the city council? Nothing. And as mayor? He voted to reduce taxes on Worcester businesses in the expectation that new companies and new jobs would flourish. The city's Business Development manager resigned. A signal maybe? Discontented with city council's inability to establish a viable strategic plan? Or the recognition that Worcester really doesn't have what it takes to be a destination for new businesses.

Another note. Bill Randell backdated the Strong Mayor / Shaun Sutner post to August 3rd. It did not show up on Randell's blog on that day. This was pointed out to me by 2 other people. My previous post has a picture from August 3 of Worcester Herald. Sunter's post is not on it. 

July 29, 2014

Bill Randell of Worcester Herald, what happened to Shaun Sutner?

Seems the GoLocal clone (a blatant ripoff) run by Bill Randell has a problem getting people to contribute. Former T&G reporter stood him up.

Worcester Herald, or better said Bill Randell using multiple identities playing politics in Worcester. Do not understand why, he lives in Holden MA.

So why is a Republican, and card carrying wacky Tea Partier messing with Worcester?

Why doesn't he go shit in his own nest.

July 27, 2014

WRRB 2004 report on Strong Mayor vs City Manager form of government for Worcester MA

A WRRB reporting talking about a strong mayor vs city manager for Worcester.

Don't buy into the propaganda that Worcester Herald / Bill Randell  or Incity Times / Rosalie Tirella are printing. Not surprised that Randell would post propaganda. Get real factual information read the WRRB report.

Keep in mind, Randell and Tirella do not live in Worcester MA. 

Heres the link,